On any given night you can find me performing Cher's "Believe" at the top of my lungs for the puppy who no longer finds it as amusing as I do.

I've written an unnecessary amount of songs about vacuuming and running late.

Coffee and bookstores sum up my love language.

I once spent a road trip quoting the movie Pride and Prejudice from memory while my brother sat next to me with the travel DVD player (and was so impressed he hasn't watched it ever again).

Champion of wonder and whimsy and getting lost.

I'm a lot of things that I can't explain. A scared adventurer who wrestles with being an extroverted introvert and absolutely refuses to take any more personality tests. 

Give me sandy toes, oceans wide, and a book to read and you'll never see me again.

I believe in the power of the still quiet, and the strength in loud laughing. 

Most important, I believe in all things being made new. In never-ending love and all-over grace. Everything else starts and ends there.


My head is overfull of thoughts and feelings and stories and I'm so grateful for this space where they can all spill over. I'm oh so honored you're here. Let's call it tea time and sip our coffee and breathe in deep.