Some Third Graders Wrote Me Poems

I'm just going to drop this here because the world needs more poetry. I would encourage you to find the nearest third grader and ask them to write you a poem. (This is not what I did by the way, my lovely mother made a writing assignment and let the kids go crazy and these are the highlights of what happened.)

Copied verbatim.

Poem number one, written by a highly imaginative little guy with a killer plan for the end of the world.

"Dear Lindsey,
We are having an alien atack so fill your shelfs with red velvet cupcakes
before a apple pie lands on your face.
Stop up your sink with markers
stuff 500 squids under your bed before it rains"

Poem number two, to be honest I don't know what is scary about me, but homegirl still made it a compliment so I'll take it.

"Dear, Lindsey
Your mom is funny your scares are punny
you are a good girl in any way.
What does the fox say?"

And finally, the poem that made me cry hysterically because I don't even know this little guy and he's a champion encourager.

"Lindsey in college you've gone so far. 
Writing is what you like
all your writing is such a delight."

And then he drew me a heart.


Kids are the best.