An Ode to the Weather

This weather is the worst.

I followed a group of guys out the door into the blustery world when coatless guy #1 said, "Man, it feels good out here." His posse looked like they were debating on if they should try to match his dumb macho attitude or rag on him for blatantly lying. They went with the first option. I silently went with the second.

Later, I passed a girl and she said to her friend, "I wish I didn't exist right now." Amen, is all I can say. 

Walking back to my dorm was like debating on how I'd like to die. If I put my head down to block the wind I would inevitably run into something. Most likely an oncoming car. If I tried to speed walk, I'd slip. If I walked carefully, which means slowly, I'd freeze to death. If I didn't go outside I wouldn't get to eat, so I'd starve to death. And that is NOT how I want to die.

Dear spring, please come.

Love, Lindsey