Life Advice from Surveys

I was taking a survey this afternoon on my overall college experience thus far, and I was just roaring through with my opinions on how successful have I been with making friends, (what kind of college survey question is that?! If I put "unsuccessful" just how do they plan on changing that? stick me on Match to find college friends?) and how much do I love my school, yada yada. I usually stayed in my safe, indecisive zone of "somewhat" for every single question. Then, in the middle of nowhere, it asks: How often have you taken a risk because you felt you had more to gain? 


Amidst the cafeteria ratings and scales of how much faculty members care, they hit you with this. This huge, life thing that you have to answer with "somewhat often, always, never." I sat and stared at this bomb for awhile, mainly because it made me think hard. And I didn't really like my answer. I got a little intimidated and a little pompous and went for the "always." But may I just say quietly to you, I 100% lied.

There's no way on earth I "always" choose the risk. I sometimes still call my mom to see if she thinks going to Zumba would be fun. OF COURSE IT WILL BE. Risk is one of the most frightening things in the means you could lose. I like the safe side where I'm met with comfortable control. I get the peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day of my life because I'm positive I like them. But you know what? Life like that gets really boring. And this dumb, stupid, survey reminded me of the whys of taking risk. There is more to gain than there is to lose.

I think this might even be true. You lose and you learned something, so you gain. You gain and you just gain. Is this really a win-win?

I know there's places in life where you really can lose something and it hurt like loss. But I think maybe, just maybe, it might be a beautiful thing to take some tiny steps in the direction of risk in order to gain.

Lindsey PerkinsComment